Social Care Tender Writing

Do you need help writing a Social Care tender?

Tendering for Social Care contracts is a highly competitive and complex business. Although you may be delivering an excellent service in practice, conveying that in a concise, structured narrative can feel overwhelming and be immensely time consuming. Tender writing varies greatly from writing other documents. The approach needs to be tailored to differentiate you from the competition and increase your chances of success.

One important aspect is to fully capture the elements that differentiate you from the competition, to increase your chances of success. You want to make sure Commissioners sit up and take notice of you. With us, you are in safe hands.

Applications are generally submitted through the completion of a PQQ or an ITT.

Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire (PQQ): This is generally due diligence, self-cleaning and financial standing, to evidence to Commissioners (those awarding the contracts) that you have the necessary structures and processes in place to meet the specification of the service requirements. The primary reason for the PQQ is to sift through the many applicants and dwindle them down to those who can demonstrate they can meet, fulfil and deliver the requirements of the spec from the offset and throughout the duration of the contract.

Invitation to Tender (ITT): If you successfully pass the PQQ stage, you will then be invited to participate in the ITT. This is where your responses to particular questions will need to be more detailed, structured and specific, articulated in method statement form. It is your opportunity to showcase your service delivery skills and highlight what sets you apart from your competitors.

Tip: Remember, everything you write in a method statement needs to be embedded as a matter of course. Method statements focus on what you WILL do, so this is an opportunity to stream-line your working practices and demonstrate that you can meet the specification. If successfully awarded, you will have your Contract Performance Managed by the Commissioning Authority. A huge nuisance to Commissioners is having to performance manage providers, so let us support you to ensure that does not happen.

Why us?

28 years direct, practical experience working within the sector

We ONLY write responses to tenders in Social Care.

We do NOT use Associates or Sub-contractors.

You have one point of contact, co-ordinating the end-to-end process.

Our working hours are determined by your need, not the usual 9-5.

In-depth mapping of your current standing to identify key strengths.

All response documents we write belong to you – they are not ‘re-used’.

For further information, please see our tender writing tips, case study guidelines and FAQs. Alternatively, get in touch.