Frequently Asked Questions

We are experts at what we do. We are single sector focused and have 28 years direct experience working in Social Care. The tender writing services we provide relate only to Domiciliary care, Supported Living and Complex needs – that’s it. We know what Commissioners are really asking when certain questions are posed, as well as why they are asking them. Often questions may overlap, but if you are able to really nail the question down, read between the lines and know what is being eluded to, you are in a more prominent position to apply successfully. A ‘good’, theoretical writer alone will not win you a contract. Narrating and direct experience are absolute pre-requisites for writing successful responses to Social Care tenders (or any tender for that matter). Have a look at our Tender Writing Tips and Case Studies.

When analysing your viability about whether or not to apply for a tender, you need to consider whether or not you can meet the specification. We do not want you to throw money away; hence, we will only write social care tenders on your behalf if you have a high chance of success. However, there are tenders where new providers are welcomed. All awarded providers have started somewhere, so don’t lose heart. We can support your organisation to ensure you are ‘bid ready’.

Unfortunately not; no tender writer worth their salt should EVER offer you a guarantee of success here. Although no submission can guarantee success, your individual chance of award is massively elevated by using a Social Care Tender Writer with hands-on sector specific experience, who can navigate and respond appropriately to the tender; that’s where we come in. As well as narrating bespoke responses that showcase your particular strengths, we will guide you in demonstrating how you can exceed the specification of the contract, during inception and throughout the duration of the written responses.

There are a number of reasons this may have happened. There are so many nuances to be aware of and if anything is missed, the Commissioners will mark you down pretty harshly. Even though you could probably explain with great passion how your business operates, showcasing and demonstrating it in the written word is not an easy task. Primarily, the tender writing organisation may not have been particularly knowledgeable of Social Care and unfortunately this does not help you. Frankly, Social Care tender writers with theoretical knowledge will not stand you in good stead and can be very costly. Of course, we want you to keep coming back to us with subsequent tenders you want to apply for, so, it’s in both of or interests that you succeed. After all, ‘Your Business is our business’. Have a look at the current tender opportunities to see if anything piques your interest!
We understand that the financial costs within the sector are tight. On that basis, we ensure that the financial outlay to you as a provider, needs to be balanced against the successful award of any given contract. Our costings are transparent to ensure you are completely aware of what you get for your money. There are no hidden extras or ‘add-ons’. Costs for existing clients reduce as our professional relationship strengthens and our knowledge about your organisation grows incrementally. Costs depend on a number of factors and relate to the complexity of the tender, the length of the required responses (word count) and the submission deadline. Anything else? Please feel free to get in touch

Why us?

28 years direct, practical experience working within the sector

We ONLY write responses to tenders in Social Care.

We do NOT use Associates or Sub-contractors.

You have one point of contact, co-ordinating the end-to-end process.

Our working hours are determined by your need, not the usual 9-5.

In-depth mapping of your current standing to identify key strengths.

All response documents we write belong to you – they are not ‘re-used’.